Loretta Noli, also known as LoreLiny, started her career as a fashion designer for the renowned brand Fiorucci.
Notable collaborations quickly followed as Loretta moved to Paris, immersing herself in women’s and children’s fashion.
Her accomplishments include forging international partnerships with esteemed houses such as Liberto, Lee Cooper, and K-Way.

Upon her return to Milan in 2016, LoreLiny made the transformative decision of shifting her creative focus from the catwalk to the canvas.
The newly emerged vision seamlessly incorporated her Parisian experiences into a celebration of street style and pop art.

Today, LoreLiny’s art is deeply rooted in inspiration from not only popular fashion and consumer products but also the vibrant world of comic books.
Countless other influences weave through a diverse array of artwork. 
Beyond the visual spectacle, there’s more to LoreLiny’s images.
Her confidence and strong emphasis on sustainability truly elevate the natural synergy between fashion and art to an undeniable success and display of originality.

Pop Artworks